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The History

Potent Steez is a group that brings a breath of fresh air to the Hip Hop Community putting raw lyrics, charisma, and creative flow to the latest, hottest beats. Coming out of Jamaica, Queens Hip Hop artists Severe Passion and 3rd Birth come together combining their talent, style, and uniqueness.

 Building their brand, they debuted an EP album called "Bright City Dark Nights" including two videos that were released on the website.  After dropping the EP, Potent Steez followed up with a single titled "What's Love" featuring Queensbridge veteran Tragedy Khadafi. Another video was released to complement the collabo, which covered the aspect of the word love and its meaning to each individual artist. 

 Following the EP and the single, and participating in major showcases performing amongst the likes of Papoose, Remy Ma, Cassidy, Dave East, Cuban Link,  Cappadonna from Wu-Tang, Loaded Luxx, Rockness Monsta from Heltah Skeltah, Chris Rivers and others. Potent Steez released  a double series album concept with the titles "Class Of Our Own" and "Detention" Always staying true to the raw hip hop element.


Now focusing on promoting their new LP titled "GOT POTENT?"  The Potent Steez brand continues to expand and grow a bigger fan base. They push forward as a movement keeping the genuine Hip Hop sound alive.







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